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NOW PAC Endorses Jenny Oropeza for Congress

Jenny Oropeza, California NOW's 2006 Legislator of the Year, has been endorsed in the special election for U.S. Congress in California's 37th District to fill the vacancy created by the death of longtime women's rights advocate Juanita Millender-McDonald.

Jenny Oropeza has a strong record of introducing and supporting legislation on NOW's priority issues. Her voting record on women's issues during her six years in the State Assembly is 100%and her vote for marriage equality was crucial. California NOW has worked with Oropeza on a number of key issues including pay equity, Title IX and reproductive rights.

Jenny Oropeza is dedicated to public service, having served on the school board in Long Beach from 1988-1994 and then for six years on the Long Beach City Council.

Joining the California State Assembly in 2000, she rose to become chair of several important committees. She was elected to the California State Senate in 2006 and currently chairs and serves on many committees that are vital to women's issues.

Once in Congress, Jenny Oropeza is committed to an immediate reduction in U.S. troops serving in Iraq and a timetable for a complete withdrawal. Jenny will also fight to ensure local school districts are fully funded and work to reduce bureaucratic barriers to school success. She vows to fight for quality, universal affordable health care, will urge federal support to clean up our toxic ports, and supports a full-scale commitment to address the looming threat of global warming.

Jenny Oropeza's record demonstrates her commitment to social justice and equality for women. She has demonstrated continueous leadership throughout her professional career and has displayed resilience through the toughest of times. NOW PAC is confident in her abilities to serve as Congresswoman for the 37th district of California and proud to add our endorsement.


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