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NOW PAC Endorses Jennifer Lawless for Congress

Jen Lawless with members of RI NOW and Melody Drnach, NOW Political Action Committee
Candiate for Congress Jennifer Lawless (middle) with Rhose Island NOW members and Melody Drnach, NOW Political Action Committee (left).

NOWPAC endorsed Jennifer Lawless running for U.S. Congress in the 2nd District in Rhode Island. Lawless teaches at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island and said she cannot imagine a better place to live and work.

Once elected, Jen Lawless will protect our rights.

"All Rhode Islanders deserve the freedom to make decisions about their reproductive lives," says Lawless. "The most important way to defend reproductive freedom is through improved access to education, information, contraception, and quality health services."

Lawless also supports federal funds for teen pregnancy prevention programs that have been proven effective, such as comprehensive sex education. She believes that all health insurance plans, including those of federal employees, should cover reproductive health services and prescription contraceptives. In addition, she argues that foreign aid provided by the U.S. government should be directed to countries that need it the most, not just those that have chosen not to fund family planning and disease prevention services. Lawless believes that high-quality health care is a fundamental human right and that, as a nation, we have a responsibility to guarantee that all Americans have access to affordable health care, prescription drugs, and health insurance.

Visit Jennifer Lawless's website.


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