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2008 Elections

Donna Edwards Makes History - Maryland Will Send First African-American Woman to Congress

February 13, 2008

Kim Gandy and Donna Edwards

Donna Edwards' primary victory last night in Maryland's heavily Democratic 4th District, almost guarantees she will become the state's first African-American woman to serve in the U.S. Congress.

NOW's Political Action Committee endorsed Edwards in the 2006 primary, a race she nearly won, and the PAC heartily endorsed her again this year. In both races, NOW members volunteered actively, and NOW PAC field organizing staff organized for Donna as an in-kind PAC contribution to her campaign.

volunteers for Donna Edwards

"Donna Edwards is exactly the kind of candidate we want to have in Congress. She will represent the people of her district and be an advocate for all women by bringing her lifetime of experience fighting to stop domestic violence, advocating for quality education, and working to secure affordable universal health care for all," said NOW Vice President Action Melody Drnach.

"Donna did not stop campaigning after her loss in 2006, and that is an important lesson for women running for office. She identified the tactics that worked for her, recognized the areas for improvement, and created a winning campaign strategy," said Drnach. NOW PAC is proud to endorse Donna Edwards, and is committed helping her to victory in November.

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