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No Time to Rest! On to Indiana and North Carolina

April 23, 2008

By Melody Drnach, NOW Action Vice President

NOW volunteers in Pennsylvania

Once again Senator Hillary Clinton has both the wind and women at her back as she heads into the Indiana and North Carolina primary races on May 6. Women voters delivered another victory -- a result of NOW Political Action Committee efforts across the Keystone state that included making thousands of calls, hosting house parties, knocking on doors and an internet ad campaign. NOW leaders appealed to Pennsylvania voters with facts about why Sen. Clinton is the best qualified candidate based on experience, accomplishment, and her commitment to equality for women and girls.

Grassroots NOW volunteers from Texas, Indiana, New York, Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C. and, of course, Pennsylvania took to the streets, knocking on doors to ask voters to support Clinton. Pennsylvanians opened their homes to friends, neighbors, and strangers as house parties filled with voters eager to hear from NOW leaders and activists why it is important to elect Hillary Rodham Clinton to be our next president.

NOW volunteers in Indiana

NOW President Kim Gandy participated in a press conference outlining why Clinton's long history of getting things done is so critical today. "From working to move our nation to a more just health care system to protecting children whose families can't afford health insurance, Senator Clinton has spent her lifetime working to improve the lives of women and girls in our country and around the world," says Gandy "And we expect no less of her when she is the president of the United States."

There is more work to do and more voters to meet as the campaign moves to Indiana and North Carolina. Our volunteers are already at work in both states, endeavoring to make sure every woman hears from NOW PAC.

Read NOW PAC's press release on Clinton's Pennsylvania victory.

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