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On the Campaign Trail in Colorado with Betsy Markey

By Ali Rodway, Field Organizer

September 15, 2008

When NOW Vice President of Action, Melody Drnach, and I entered the Betsy Markey for Congress headquarters at 4:00 PM on a Wednesday afternoon, things were pretty quiet. Her finance director was finishing up a mailing to be sent out in the morning, a field organizer patiently waited for a document to print and a volunteer was making phone calls from the list in front of her. Pretty standard for a campaign over 2 months away from election day. Melody and I sat down to help stuff the final invites to a fundraising event when something unusual happened. Volunteers -- at least 30 of them -- came pouring in like school children headed to recess: excited, red cheeked, and eager to get moving.

Any given Saturday on the campaign trail this would be no extraordinary sight, but on a Wednesday?!? -- Now, that says something. The statement is loud and clear -- the 4th district is fired up about Betsy Markey. Men, women and children of all colors, ages and abilities came in droves to the Markey headquarters to do one thing -- knock doors for the candidate they believe in.

When Betsy arrived, she sat quietly in the back, letting her hard working staff instruct the volunteers. Noticing I was a fresh face to the crowd, she introduced herself as I stammered to get my name and organization out. "Oh!" she said, "Great! I heard you were coming, thank you so much for being here!" And as effortlessly as she walked in, she took a few moments to take pictures and give hugs, then grabbed her door knocking walk sheet and headed out the door. There is work to be done, voters to speak to, information to share, and from the eyes of this feminist, a movement to move.

Betsy is not your average candidate and her opponent is your all too familiar right wing extremist. Betsy's practical progressive agenda is in stark contrast to that of incumbent Marily Musgrave who has relentlessly pushed anti-choice and anti-equality legislation. Her faithful volunteers show up for a reason -- they believe in her and the change she will bring to Washington. For more on Betsy visit or


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