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Past Elections
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2008 Elections

2008 Federal Races Winners

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Women's Groups Endorse Carolyn Maloney for Clinton's Senate Seat
The National Organization for Women (NOW) Political Action Committee and the Feminist Majority Political Action Committee announce today their endorsement of New York Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney for appointment to the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

NOW Commends Obama on Monday's Top-Notch, Diverse Nominations
NOW President Kim Gandy states in this press release, "As a candidate, President-elect Barack Obama made clear his commitment to equal opportunity, and today's cabinet announcements begin to fulfill those values."

From Hope to Action to Victory
NOW PAC Chair Kim Gandy writes in her bi-weekly Below the Belt column, "The struggle for human rights, equal opportunity and justice just got the infusion it needed in the form of hope transformed into action converted into victory. Finally, we are the deciders."

NOW Field Action in the 2008 Election
The 2008 election season was a busy one. NOW staff and 25 volunteers worked phone banks from the National Action Center in Washington, D.C., calling across the country on NOW issues and NOW PAC endorsed candidates.

Critical Races Still In Limbo
Women's rights supporters continue to wait for the final election results as several candidates are facing recounts and runoff elections. Find out how you can help.

Women in Congress at All-Time High
Women everywhere won as the number of feminist women in Congress increased to a record high of 77, including three delegates to the House. NOW PAC sent staff to several races in battleground states and also ran phone banks for eight endorsed candidates from the NOW office in D.C. Across the country, NOW volunteers and activists had key roles in critical campaigns and ballot measure efforts.

State Ballot Measures Give Feminists Reason to Cheer and Work Harder
In a number of states across the country, citizens were casting their votes on more than just candidates. From California to Florida, voters weighed in on a number of issues important to feminists. When the results came in, there was both good news and bad news: several strong wins and a number of heartbreaking losses.

Women Voters Bring Clean Sweep, NOW Applauds Historic Win
NOW President Kim Gandy says, "We believe Obama-Biden will be the most feminist, progressive administration ever to lead this country, and we are ready to work hard to help bring about policies that will increase equality and opportunity for all."

No "What Ifs" Allowed
NOW PAC Chair Kim Gandy writes in her Below the Belt column, "There is one caution that feminists definitely need to hear: DO NOT pay attention to the polls. Okay, for a few precious moments you can revel in the apparent trend in favor of Obama-Biden and the dozens of women-friendly candidates for Congress. Now stop -- that's long enough!"

NOW PAC Getting Out Vote for Obama-Biden: Best Ticket for Women
Election season is down to the wire, and NOW members all over the country are turning out to put muscle behind the NOW PAC's endorsement of the Obama-Biden ticket.

110th Scorecard Shows Party Line Voting
The NOW 110th Congressional Scorecard of key votes of interest to women illustrates how closely both the House and Senate members were divided along party lines. In terms of Senate votes, the presidential candidates' records were in stark contrast.

NOW PAC Voter Action Ideas
Action ideas from the National Organization for Women's Political Action Committee. Be sure you are registered to vote, and then work to get your community involved for change! Get Involved and TAKE ACTION!

NOW PAC Endorses Obama-Biden
NOW PAC Chair Kim Gandy stated, "Women of all ages, races and ethnicities are coming together in support of Sen. Obama and his pledge to fulfill this country's promise of equal opportunity for our daughters as well as all our sons."
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Presidential Candidates on Issues Important To Women
As November 4 approaches, it is essential to know where the presidential candidates stand on key issues of importance to women. To aid you in this effort, NOW PAC presents two side-by-side comparisons. The first was compiled by NOW PAC to supplement the second, which was compiled by the Business and Professional Women's Political Action Committee (BPW/PAC).

Have Conservatives Discovered Sexism?
In her Below the Belt column, NOW President Kim Gandy writes, "Hey, have you heard? Conservatives have discovered sexism in the media! And they're learning that it's disrespectful toward women, potentially damaging to their careers, intrusive into their personal lives, and just plain unfair."

NOW to Celebrate Women's Equality in Denver and Honor Stephanie Tubbs Jones
NOW is proud to co-host a celebration of Women's Equality Day during the Democratic National Convention in Denver. On Aug. 25, women's rights leaders and elected officials will gather for a Women's EqualiTea at the University Club.

National Organization for Women Pays Tribute to Hon. Stephanie Tubbs Jones
Dearest Stephanie--our hearts are with you in spirit as you go in peace--beloved sister in the movement for equality, liberty and justice for all. Farewell sister warrior.

Barack Obama Chooses VAWA Champion as Running Mate; Hillary Clinton to be Nominated at Convention
Hillary Clinton was our first choice, and that of 18 million primary voters, but Barack Obama's pick, Joe Biden, is a friend of women and a strong selection for Vice President.

Clinton to Make History Again
The National Organization for Women applauds the presidential campaigns of Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama for their announcement today that Clinton's name will be placed into nomination at the Democratic National Convention.

Obama, Are You Listening? This One's for Your Girls
NOW President Kim Gandy takes on the hot topic of the week in her "Below the Belt" column -- who will Barack Obama choose as his running mate? Most of the names supposedly on his short list would be terrible for women's rights. Might we offer a few suggestions...?

Send a Thank You Card to Hillary Clinton!
Hillary Clinton's campaign inspired millions of women across the country, and the increased female voter turnout has helped many women running for Congress or local office in those primaries. More about Hillary Clinton's History Making Campaign

NOW PAC Endorsed Candidate Races Heat Up
The 2008 election is very soon, and feminist candidates are working to get the votes that will propel them to the U.S. Congress. The National Organization for Women's Political Action Committee (NOW PAC) has been busy interviewing candidates from districts across the country, with a goal of dramatically increasing the number of women's rights supporters in Congress.

The 2008 Debates: Waiting to Exhale
Kim Gandy writes in her Below The Belt Column, "A few days ago I asked a prominent pollster whether I could stop hyperventilating about the election -- 'Not a chance!' was the immediate reply. But at least the 2008 vice presidential debate is over, and we can exhale briefly."

Not Every Woman Supports Women's Rights
NOW PAC Chair Kim Gandy said, "Sen. John McCain's choice of Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his running mate is a cynical effort to appeal to disappointed Hillary Clinton voters and get them to vote, ultimately, against their own self-interest."

Have Conservatives Discovered Sexism?
In her Below the Belt column, NOW President Kim Gandy writes, "Hey, have you heard? Conservatives have discovered sexism in the media! And they're learning that it's disrespectful toward women, potentially damaging to their careers, intrusive into their personal lives, and just plain unfair."

National NOW Times: Women Play Pivotal Role in '08 Elections
From the next U.S. president to the makeup of the 111th Congress, women will be a powerful voting force in this election. We have a chance to elect leaders who will undo some of the damage from the past eight years, restore our status in the world, and improve the lives of women and families.

NOW's Media Hall of Shame: 2008 Election Edition
Re-live the most sexist media moments from the 2008 election, and RATE THEM YOURSELF on our Misogyny Meter. Send in your own suggestion about sexist media coverage of Hillary Clinton's campaign and of the general election.

Women In Politics Quiz Test your knowledge of politics and women's history by taking our quiz!

"Count Florida's Votes" Says NOW PAC
"We live in a nation where our young women and men have been sent to Iraq to fight for democracy, while here at home 1.7 million voters in Florida are disenfranchised," said NOW PAC Chair Kim Gandy. NOW PAC and other groups are protesting outside of the DNC on March 30th.

Anti-Affirmative Action Measures Are in 5 More States
The right wing is at it again, gathering signatures in five states in an effort to place anti-affirmative action initiatives on the ballots in November.

Engaging Women Project Effectively Makes Connections Between Voter Participation and Policy Change
With the 2008 elections on the horizon, NOW Foundation will focus on increasing women's political participation as part of Engaging Women, a project we piloted in Michigan, Arizona and Washington in 2006 with five other women's organizations.

NOW Political Action Committee Proudly Endorses Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton for President of the United States in 2008
NOW PAC Chair Kim Gandy says, "NOW PAC's 'Make History With Hillary' campaign will organize and energize women's rights supporters across the country -- urging women and men across this nation to stand up and say "I'm Ready" for a woman president -- for this woman president."

Donna Edwards Makes History - Maryland Will Send First African-American Woman to Congress
Donna Edwards' primary victory last night in Maryland's heavily Democratic 4th District, almost guarantees she will become the state's first African-American woman to serve in the U.S. Congress.


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