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2010 Elections : NOW PACs Profile

Krystal Ball (D-Va., 1st Congressional District)

Krystal Ball

Krystal Ball

Democrat Krystal Ball is running for Virginia's 1st Congressional District as a challenger against Republican Rob Wittman.

Ball agrees with important NOW topics such as equality, marriage rights and health care. She advocates for an end to violence and discrimination against women, the LGBT community, minorities and the impoverished. Ball has been vocal in her support for these issues without equivocating or qualifying. She sees them as important individual liberties, which she has made a cornerstone of her campaign.

Ball has already stated she will be a leader in reauthorizing the TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) Bill next year as well as a strong supporter of full funding for the Violence Against Women Act.

She is staunchly pro-choice, believing that it is not the government's place to put any restrictions on this personal decision. Ball is against any restrictions on abortion, including parental notice or denying federal funding.

She also supports complete equality for the LGBT community and praised NOW for placing marriage equality at the top of its list of priorities.

Ball has been described as a well-spoken, smart and hard-working candidate with a support base including people of all ages and walks of life. She is a mom and owner of aa small business with her husband. Ball will be the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, and many skeptics have already become staunch supporters once they've seen how hard she has worked to build her campaign and have heard her take on all questions with grace and intelligence.

Ball is standing up in Virginia for all women's rights and would make a wonderful ally for the National Organization for Women.

For more information please visit her campaign site at:

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